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The Man Himself - Htoo Htet San


Htoo Htet San


Filming & Digital Editing






I’m currently a student currently taking a course at SAIT called New Media Production and Design, and is in my final semester. I’ve learned a lot since taking this course and have come a long way when deciding to take part in filming and digital editing. Learning so many new skill sets has given me a broader sense of the media world and what exactly I need for it.

Hello there,

Who Am I?

The reason why I have such an interest in this area of arts and films stems from the fact that it’s, well… fun! I’m what you call an imaginative person, with so many ideas running in my head sometimes that it’s sometimes difficult to think. And I like seeing what thoughts I have in my head, whether it be a fast and straightforward project or a very ambitious one, come to life and be a reality. 

I’m always inspired by the talent of various people online in films or those who manage to do projects with a small budget yet still pull off something that a big-budget corporation could do. The latter is the primary source of inspiration; if those people can do it, then so can I. You can say my love for this media art started way back when I was little, around 6 or 7 years old.


I was always fascinated by what people could create on the Internet, and the fascination began expanding to the actual TV shows and movies as I grew older, older, and older. It grew even more when I started to see behind the scenes of specific films and TV shows, just what style they used: stop-motion, live, CGI, animation, and other types. It just looked so much fun, just the amount of time and dedication people would put into these productions. As the years went by, from middle school up to high school, whenever the opportunity arose, I would sign up for classes about digital editing or filming. Those classes' results were fun overall, and I learned more about the filming industry.

Those classes were also where I learned about various software such as Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, Movie Maker, and others from Adobe. Whenever I got ahold of this software at school and home, for fun or projects, I tried to see what I could create from them. These products were usually stop motion (racing), PSAs for specific historical events, graphic designs, or photos or videos of particular areas such as our school. I did each with fun and pleasure, and the results were mostly good and got me good grades.

Eventually, when I learned about SAIT’s New Media Production and Design, I decided to see what I could learn about Filming and Digital arts. 2-years in this course have taught me a lot about how to run specific programs and tips regarding various lighting, compositing, and camera techniques Filmer uses. 


I hope that one day, these skills I’ve picked up over the years can help me in the media world if I ever get a job someday.

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