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Myanmar Human Rights Day

This was a video project I made for the Democratic Voice Of Burma broadcasting company in honor of Myanmar Human Rights Day.

During the past two weeks in early March, I was also given the assignment of doing a three-minute video project. This video was a tribute video for an event on March 13 in Burma called Myanmar Human Rights Day. The purpose of the video was to commemorate the people who had fallen on March 13 due to police brutality due to their protesting against the government in Burma. Initially, I was handed the assignment in late February, but I couldn't do anything for it for a while, as Ko Peter was busy finding all the necessary photos, meaning I had to wait a while. During this time, I looked up various memorial and funeral videos to get an idea of what I could do, what I could add, and what style of video and animation would be necessary for this kind of video.

It was only until the fifth week (from March 5 – 11) that I could finally work on the three-minute video when Ko Peter finally managed to find all the needed photos. I had to place them together in a specific order, as a sort of timeline of the fallen people, while adding a few animation bits to give the video more life with the music chosen by Ko Peter himself. Due to how close March 13 was, combined with my other SAIT project taking up much time, I didn't have enough time to implement some of my ideas for the video, so I had to submit it as it was. This video was the only assignment I got for week five as Than Win Htut or Ko Peter didn't have anything else for me that week, and my work schedule at SAIT kept me occupied for the time.

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