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Design Fundementals

Through Illustrator or photoshop, I was to create a poster a design fundamental we were given. We were also to include information like the characteristics and when to use the fundamentals.


When I first started out in the second semester of Visual Communications, my class was given an assignment regarding design fundamentals. Each of us was to discuss one of the five, using either Photoshop or Illustrator and create a fundamentals poster reflecting the element we were given while discussing the history behind the element and its reasoning with us incorporating the art style we chose as an example and why it fits with the design element.

So what I did specifically for the photo was, in Photoshop, I put my image through two of the filters in the filter gallery, both dry brush and cut out precisely to give it the illusion that it was crudely hand-painted. I then changed those filters’ blend mode to pin white to help provide the look a more natural painted effect. I then smoothed out some areas using bright blur. I went to stylize and picked fine edges while changing its blend mode to multiply.

To really help sell the effect, it was water painted specifically; I used a paper texture and placed it over the image, then I created a mask (with color being set to white) and, with a paintbrush tool, started to paint over the paper texture so the image layer below it would appear while making it look like it was water painted on. The last thing that was needed was to adjust its vibrance of it. The background was achieved using a variety of water-style paint brushes and painting all over the background with various colors.

For the text, I first gave it an inner glow while setting the blend settings from 255 to 0. For filters, I used both filters difference clouds, sponge, and watercolors effects while also adding grain to help make it look like watercolors.

I’m thrilled with how this turned out, water coloring is one of my favorite painting styles, and I think I did the art justice with what I did for my photo.

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