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Double Exposure

I did this exercise where I had to create a double exposure effect using Adobe Photoshop. I took it one step further with the exercise and created a magazine design cover based on various travelogue-style covers.

Exericse 2 - Double Exposure.jpg

This was part of a weekly exercise I did in the third semester of Visual Communications. I had to create a double exposure effect using Adobe Photoshop. I had to choose two or more of my own images and then combine them to create a double exposure effect.

I did just that, creating an overlay image of me while a city, namely Seattle, was inside me. I did, however, take it one step further and went ahead and turned it into a magazine cover of myself, designing it as a sort of travelogue book of my time in Seattle (which didn’t actually happen), complete with a barcode and various bits of dialogue and titles around to give an authentic look.

Using Photoshop, I took a photo I had taken last year of my face and then imported it into Photoshop. It was there when I converted it to black and white and then took a selection of my face. The masking was the next step; using the selection I made early, I created a white outline of myself with a black background around it. Using this mask, I made a copy of it and then pasted it onto the background city image, which I would then import onto it, resulting in a silhouette of my face but with a city inside. I lowered the opacity of said city image to around 60% so my face could still be visible. There was then the matter using both levels and curves to adjust the coloring and lighting of the effect.

I decided to take one step further with my double exposure and convert it into a magazine cover. To achieve this, I used a copy of the city image, desaturated and blurred it, then reduced the opacity and placed it against a light blue background for the cover background. I then took another copy of my selected face and again put it above my double exposure, with the opacity reduced to ensure my face was more visible while still showing the city.

It was pretty straightforward from onwards; I’d simply fill the rest of the screen with text and dialogue to give it the allusion that it was a legitimate magazine cover. I just used one I found online for the barcode and then put it onto the cover. For the first time creating a magazine cover, I think this was a pretty good start, and I would like to do more of this if given a chance.

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