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Military Ranking Video

I made This video project for the Democratic Voice Of Burma broadcasting company to showcase the southeast country's Military strength ranking.

During the third week of my practicum in late February with the Democratic Voice of Burma, their video editor, Ko Peter, had me create an infographic video that showcased the ranking of the militaries in Southeast Asia countries based on this site: 2023 Military Strength Ranking (  Compared to the first two weeks, this week wasn’t as tedious, and I could complete my work more quickly as I had a proper routine this time and figured out what to focus on first.


While I was able to achieve this, I ran into a bit of an issue when I finished it; Ko Peter also suggested this add-on that involved showing the photos of each country’s military and their data individually. This request proved to be a bit of a problem, as I was already finding it tricky to move back all the animation key points back to accommodate various pictures to show nine different countries’ militaries into the video, all under one minute, and making sure everything played out correctly. The reasons for this trouble were that I wanted to make sure each bit got the appropriate attention in the video and everything wasn’t moving too fast or too slow. Fortunately, I convinced Ko Peter to make the video one and a half minutes long to accommodate all of this and was able to make sure the video correctly showed all nine countries properly.

While I was able to give what Ko Peter wanted, I did somewhat end up rushing my work which caused work to take a lot longer than it should have, resulting in me submitting an email without containing the actual work file, correcting some errors while overlooking others (wrong flags or spelling errors), or forgetting some parts like including the reference for the data in the video. While I was able to correct these oversights, they did result in the project taking much longer than anticipated, as such it was here that I learned that I needed to take it slowly with my work and not rush into it as otherwise, it’ll take up more time than necessary, and it’s not a habit to have in a natural work environment.

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