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Visual Portraitss

An assignment where I had to take photos of ourselves that represented our interests, hobbies, and personalities. As our teacher described, “As individuals, we all have a story, a self-identity that includes how we see ourselves and the way we want the world to see us.”


These photos you see above were part of a simple project I did in visual communication during the first semester where each student had to take at least three photos of myself with a DSLR camera that told a story about me, from hobbies to sports, something that gives insight to who I am. With Photoshop, we would edit these through color correction and retouching techniques or any other techniques that would help enhance and sharpen the photo.

I chose a simple style for my selfies; each picture I would take would reflect an interest in me, either a hobby or a sport. The original lineup was supposed to be me playing video games, playing badminton, and reading. Though eventually, I decided to replace reading with cooking as it was a more active hobby I did, and I couldn’t find a simple place to take the photo. I chose a simple style for my selfies; each picture.


For each photo set, I wanted it to really emphasize my likeness to this interest. For badminton, I would be outside holding a racket in one arm behind my head while the Bertie was in the other. Cooking one involved me sitting on a table in front of the bowl with me, holding two eggs in each hand. Video games were a similar practice, with me holding a game controller while surrounded by all the games I owned at the time. While most of the photos turned out fine, I didn’t like how the badminton one looked, and eventually, I realized why as it was too much of a wide shot with most of the background in, while the other two had me taking up most of the image which what made a good composition. I eventually had to shoot the badminton photo with the help of my photo, this time with me in the foreground, creating a much better composition shot. For Photoshop, I tried to enhance the sharpness of each photo while improving the lighting and hue to make them look more cinematic and professional looking.

I think these photos really showcase my potential in photography, as I liked how each composition turned out. I like how my editing skills made these photos shine more brightly, and I hope I can do more of this in the future.

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