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Here you’ll be able to see a great deal of some of the completed work, exercises, and assignments I have done in this course at SAIT for the last four semesters. Hopefully, they cover my creative and passionate side and give you a good demonstration of what I’m capable of and what I can do. Some of the projects I worked on involved a mini-documentary (for me, I choose gardening), combining images to create a photo collage, a podcast, an animation regarding the 12 principles of animation, creating self-portraits of myself, a history of grunge, as well as videos that combined these various techniques together, like masking and rotoscope to create something akin to 2D in real life, and so much more.


These projects were accomplished in Rich Media Communications – I, II, and III for the past three semesters. These were classes that dealt with using various digital programs for projects that ranged from graphics, editing, animation, and video; We usually be assigned video projects of 1-2 minutes each, filming various shots, putting them together in an editing program, and turning them into a movie based on the subject of our assignments. For most of these projects, I would use either my laptop or computer, whichever was available and more efficient to use. Filming was done using my DSLR camera or phone, whichever was convenient.


For our various projects, we were taught to use multiple digital programs to help get the desired effect quicker and more efficiently. I used many of these programs to help me with my projects,  editing was done through Adobe Premier Pro, while After Effects was used whenever I needed to do animation or special effects. Photoshop and illustrator were used whenever I needed to do any image editing or graphics work. I even used Cinema4D for any 3D elements I needed to incorporate into my video. I had much fun doing these projects, as I got to be creative with what I was filming, making my visions a reality.

Videography Projects:

MiniDoc Img-1.jpg

Mini Document:

An interview-based documentary assignment where I had to research a topic, create question lists, conduct an interview, shoot an interview, shoot a b-roll, and edit a mini-documentary 2 minutes long.

Photography Projects:

VisualPortrait Img-1.jpg

Visual Portraits:

An assignment where I had to take photos of ourselves that represented our interests, hobbies, and personalities. As our teacher described, “As individuals, we all have a story, a self-identity that includes how we see ourselves and the way we want the world to see us.”


Design Style Video:

This assignment was where I had to create a video or animation that describes and educates viewers about a current or historic design trend. This required using a combination of video clips, animations, text, and audio to talk about your chosen trend.



An assignment where I had to apply different techniques to isolate and combine photographic images from different sources into a collage using nondestructive image editing techniques.


Dialogue Podcast:

My assignment for this required us to use audio only; I was to tell a story about an issue, topic, or person.


Design Fundamentals:

Through Illustrator or photoshop, I was to create a poster a design fundamental we were given. We were also to include information like the characteristics and when to use the fundamentals.

Image-8 (1).png

Animation Principles:

For this project, I was to produce an animation that incorporates using animation concepts covered in class.


Product Photography:

For this assignment, I was to take 20 photos of various different food products, editing them in Photoshop to create two variants: one large-sized and another thumbnail-sized, the two kinds of photos you’d see in an eCommerce style website.


VFX / 3D Integration:

This project was the culmination of everything I learned during the second semester of Rich Media. We had to use live-action footage combined with some visual effect to create a short narrative. The visual effect should be integrated in a somewhat realistic or believable way.

Exericse 2 - Double Exposure.jpg

Double Exposure:

I did this exercise where I had to create a double exposure effect using Adobe Photoshop. I took it one step further with the exercise and created a magazine design cover based on various travelogue-style covers.


Animation & Compositing:

I was to create a 120-second (2-minute) video incorporating animation/compositing (After Effects 3D layers or Cinema 4D layers, After Effects camera with layered elements, Green screen footage, and screen blend mode elements, Rotoscoping, 2D animated elements, or Motion tracking) with video elements (live-action).


Animated Walk Cycle:

I was to create a walk cycle animation using Adobe After Effects, as covered in class.  The goal was to incorporate drawings/designs I made and then rig them. I was to show a walk cycle of a human, animal, or another type of creature or being. I also had to incorporate a parallax background so that your character has an environment to live in.

Like the above, I've also been using programs (Adobe Illustrator, Premier Pro, and After Effects) when working with the Democratic Voice of Burma for my practicum work experience. DVB is a news broadcasting station and independent media network on social media platforms like Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. It was founded as a non-profit media organization based in Oslo, Norway, and Chiang Mai, Thailand, aiming to make radio and television broadcasts to provide uncensored news and information about my home country, Burma. Since 2012 DVB gradually moved back into Burma, where it became one of the country's largest and most well-respected TV broadcasters.

During my practicum hours, I've been working remotely at my house under the mentorship of Mr. Than Win Htut. He's the director of the website's news and current affairs, and we've been communicating mainly through Facebook, along with Ko Peter, the video and website editor of the organization.

They've been sending me messages about what assignments and tasks I must do for DVB. These ranged from graphic design images for article covers or short infographic videos where I compare the ranks within the Southeast Country regarding topics like the military, corruption, or even football scores. I did all this using Photoshop, Illustrator, and Adobe Premiere Pro programs.

Democratic Voice of Burma Practicum Projects:

Myanmar Human Rights Day:

A small tribute video where I had to create a slideshow-type video to commemorate all the people in the video who had fallen on March 13 due to police brutality due to their protesting against the government in Burma.

Military Ranking Video:

A minute and half infographic video where I showcased the Southeast country's military ranking and strength.

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